Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Jersey

So we made it to Jersey, a blizzard hit, and then within 24 hours we were celebrating Christmas with Addie and her cousins. Yes can my Southern friends believe that the roads were cleared that quick. We would be snowed in at home for a week or more! So Addie had so much fun and she still having so much fun playing with her cousins. She was so excited too to get the highly anticipated scooter! She has been riding it in my parent's house ever since! Here are some pics from Christmas! Oh including Grammy playing the Wii Dance game with the kiddos. Sorry grammy, I did not have any pictures of me to post-:)

Snow! Snow! And More Snow!

So Addie and I had to change our plans from leaving at a normal hour on the day after Christmas to leaving at 2:45am. See there was a blizzard heading to Jersey so it was either leave in the middle of the night or wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to make the trip. So you all know which one I would choose! So we took a girl's road trip in the middle of the night. Driving on 85 was no fun as it was still snowing and the highway was not always clear! How is that possible? At points we were the only car driving north! Addie was a trooper, she only slept 1 1/2 hours out of 10 1/2 hours and she watched Annie over and over the rest of the trip. The poor kid was asking for lunch at 6am, she was a little confused. So 85 was no fun, but it was pretty exciting to get to 95 and it was no longer snowing. We cruised all the way up 95 and then hit snow as soon as we entered New Jersey. That part took a while, but there were only 4 or 5 inches when we arrived so that was okay. And then it snowed and snowed and snowed. In total there was 19 inches of snow! Addie was not sure what to think about snow that came up to her waist!! She has been playing in the snow ever since and just yells for help when she gets stuck!! Here are some pictures of her enjoying the snow. Her cousin Andrew came over to play one day and she had so much fun! Her baby doll Cooper even got to enjoy some sledding. We had to get Addie some snow boots, and well you can tell that Addie's mommy is not going to win any fashion awards for that get up! I have on some big yellow boots over my snow boots! Oh and yes she is in snow up to her waste, she is actually standing up!

Christmas 2010

We celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas day in North Carolina with Chuck and his family, what fun! Then Addie and I headed up North to New Jersey to spend some time with her Yankee relatives. Chuck had to stay behind to work-:( Christmas Eve was spent with Chuck's whole family and then we rushed home to spread Reindeer food so Santa and his Reindeer could come! Addie had a wonderful Christmas and Santa was certainly good to her. She got a pink tent, a kiddy camera, lots of zhu zhu pet stuff, a guitar, new baby dolls and barbies, and hte highly anticipated scooter. On Christmas day she innocently put her little head down and said that Santa brought her everything she wanted except for a scooter. It was pathetic! See Santa knew that Grammy and Poppy had a scooter waiting for Addie in Jersey. She was so excited when she opened that scooter. We spent Christmas day with the family and then we went ice skating at the rink. This is becoming a family tradition. We had a blast and Addie is becoming quite the little ice skater!!! We then had to rush home and pack so Addie and I could leave in teh middle of the night to try to beat the blizzard that was heading to Jersey!!!

December 2010

Here are a few pre-Christmas activities of Little Ms. Addie. We enjoyed the Christmas tree lighting in downtown Greensboro (near daddy's downtown rink as Addie calls it), we attended the Jamestown Christmas parade, and Toy Story on Ice. We also made time to see the lights at Tanglewood. That was a challenge to fit all of that as Addie
s daddy sure has been working tons! We missed tons of Christmas parties this year-:(
Addie did her traditional Dollar Store shopping, the gifts were interesting as always including a hula hoop for her grammy, musical ties for her daddy, paw paw, and poppy, a Whoopie cushion for her Uncle. Her daddy also got a toy bow and arrow and a tool (aka paint scraper). Daddy took Addie shopping at the high dollar Dollar Store, mommy got a new movie (Milo and Otis) and a toy set with a fire truck, police car, and school bus. That was just what I wanted and I will keep them forever! And Addie and her mommmy made a Gingerbread House and lots of cookies. She was certainly in the Christmas spirit this year!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Okay a few pictures!

Here are just a few pictures for those of you who thought I would not do it (mom)! More to come this weekend! These are just some pictures from the summer. Notice the life jacket in most of them. Addie is a water bug! She loves to go the lake and is demandin gof boat rides. Even if we are taking pretend boat rides with the boat parked at the dock. She often drives for those and we go to Target, the hockey rink, ChickEN Fil A, and nanu and paw paw's house. She loves to jet ski and she has even gone tubing a few times this summer. Gutsy little thing isn't she. A few of the other pics are from her grammy and poppy and cousin Andrew visiting, the baseball game, the Burch family beach trip, and a few trips to the Children's Museum.